Full Benefits for a Procurement Manager

Toolkit provides me with complete access to the programme without specialist software. In addition I can select pre-defined activity codes and extract a complete procurement schedule for the project. In addition to a list of material and subcontract packages the Toolkit provides the project allowances against each together with the time spread date for cost and quantities.

A key function in the Toolkit is schedule quality which allows me to set over 20 quality parameters such has maximum activity duration, number of constraints permitted and activities with resources. I can therefore establish parameters to suit the specific project and contract such as NEC3 and instantly obtain a quality dashboard. As the Toolkit operates in excel, I can simply issue this pre-defined report to the contractor to rectify the programme.

Schedule Toolkit therefore allows me to view the programme together with its cost and resource components in optional formats all in excel.

As the project progresses I can track actual costs against budgeted allowances together with quantities enabling any issues to be identified quickly and acted upon.

To simplify the tracking of any changes between project revisions, I can use Toolkits Change Analysis function which produces a summary report identify each and every change to the programme between multiple revisions.

Resources Cost & Unit Allowance in a Time Spread Format

Resources Cost & Unit Allowance in a Time Spread Format