The Benefits of XER Schedule Toolkit for a Project Controls Manager

XER Schedule Toolkit gives Project Controls Managers the function to connect to a planning database where they can select any of the live projects to view. This feature also allows you to select multiple projects to view at any one time.

The quick view menu provides intelligent access to project schedule information. With the click of a button you can view a summary schedule of your entire portfolio. There are quick links for viewing project milestones, the critical path and also a “look-ahead” feature for time-slicing the project. You can even set up, save and select your own filters and layouts, all of which makes viewing the schedule infinitely more useful than trying to make sense of a 10 page PDF.

One key advantage of using XER Schedule Toolkit is the ability to view resource information across multiple projects at the same time. Our software enhances this experience by providing pre-defined dashboards including resource histograms that are invaluable when trying to manage staff across your portfolio.

The Earned Value Summary Report incorporates drop down selections where you can select any resource, cost account, activity or item in one click providing the complete graphs instantly together with supporting earned value data.

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