Data Sheet

Minimum System Requirements
Microsoft Excel 2007+
Windows XP
.NET Framework Version 4+
Microsoft Excel 2007/2010 (32 & 64 bit)/2013 (32 & 64 bit)
All versions of Windows XP – Windows 8
Primavera database direct connection – Oracle & SQL
All versions of Primavera P4e/P6 to current 8.3
Data Sources
Primavera XER file
Primavera database direct connection – SQL
All versions of Primavera P4e/P6 to current 8.3
Multi project viewing and analysis
Calendar Viewer
Customisable appearance
Legend colours (working/non-working days)
Include working day counter
Include hours per day
Schedule Quality
Checks Covered
Missing predecessors
Missing successors
Open end tasks
Open start tasks
Logical leads
Logical lags
FS relationship ratio
High float
Negative float
High activity durations
High activity costs
Invalid progress dates
In progress dates
Unresourced activities
Assignment date misalignment (with parent activity dates)
Late activities (starting)
Late activities (finishing)
Redundant logic
Task grouping
Output Reports
Dashboard overview
Data table outputs
Gantt outputs
Detailed activity reports
Primavera Gantt Viewer – General
Exel worksheet viewer
Gantt chart viewer window
User defined sort order
Time distributed data export to Excel worksheet
Primavera Gantt Viewer – Available columns
Activity ID
Activity name
Activity type
WBS Description
Project ID
Project name
Activity finish
Activity start
Actual finish
Early finish
Late finish
Late start
Planned finish
Planned start
At completion duration
Free float
Original duration
Remaining duration
Total float
Earned Value
Activity % complete
Duration % complete
EV costs
EV labour units
EV non-labour units
Physical % complete
Labour unit % complete
Planned % duration
Planned value (cost)
Planned value (labour units)
Planned value (non-labour units)
Actual expense cost
Actual labour cost
Actual material cost
Actual non-labour cost
At completion expense cost
At completion labour cost
At completion material cost
At completion non-labour cost
Budgeted expense cost
Budgeted labour cost
Budgeted material cost
Budgeted non-labour cost
Remaining expense cost
Remaining labour cost
Remaining material cost
Remaining non-labour cost
Actual labour units
Actual non-labour units
Actual material units
Actual expense units
At completion labour units
At completion non-labour units
At completion material units
At completion expense units
Budget labour units
Budget non-labour units
Budget material units
Budget expense units
Remaining labour units
Remaining non-labour units
Remaining material units
Remaining expense units
Activity Codes
All global level
All EPS level
All project level
User Defined
All task level UDFs available
Blank (pre-formatted blank column for user data-entry)
Baseline Dates
BL actual finish
BL actual start
BL early finish
BL early start
BL finish
BL start
BL late finish
BL late start
BL variance finish
BL variance start
Baseline Durations
Baseline original duration
BL actual duration
BL remaining duration
BL free float
BL total float
Baseline Costs
BL budget expense cost
BL budget material cost
BL budget non-labour cost
BL budget total cost
BL actual expense cost
BL actual labour cost
BL actual material cost
BL actual non-labour cost
BL at completion expense cost
BL at completion labour cost
BL at completion material cost
BL at completion non-labour cost
BL remaining expense cost
BL remaining labour cost
BL remaining material cost
BL remaining non-labour cost
Baseline Units
BL budget labour units
BL budget non-labour units
BL budget material units
BL budget expense units
BL actual labour units
BL actual non-labour units
BL actual material units
BL actual expense units
BL at completion labour units
BL at completion non-labour units
BL at completion material units
BL at completion expense units
BL remaining labour units
BL remaining non-labour units
BL remaining material units
BL remaining expense units
Variance Fields – Dates
BL variance start
BL variance finish
BL variance actual start
BL variance actual finish
BL variance early start
BL variance early finish
BL variance late start
BL variance late finish
BL variance planned start
BL variance planned finish
Variance Fields – Costs
Variance BL budget expense cost
Variance BL budget labour cost
Variance BL budget material cost
Variance BL budget non-labour cost
Variance BL budget total cost
Variance BL actual expense cost
Variance BL actual labour cost
Variance BL actual material cost
Variance BL actual non-labour cost
Variance BL actual total cost
Variance BL remain expense cost
Variance BL remain labour cost
Variance BL remain material cost
Variance BL remain non-labour cost
Variance BL remain total cost
Variance BL at-completion expense cost
Variance BL at-completion labour cost
Variance BL at-completion material cost
Variance BL at-completion non-labour cost
Variance BL at-completion total cost
Variance Fields – Units
Variance BL budget expense unit
Variance BL budget labour unit
Variance BL budget material unit
Variance BL budget non-labour unit
Variance BL budget total unit
Variance BL actual expense unit
Variance BL actual labour unit
Variance BL actual material unit
Variance BL actual non-labour unit
Variance BL actual total unit
Variance BL remain expense unit
Variance BL remain labour unit
Variance BL remain material unit
Variance BL remain non-labour unit
Variance BL remain total unit
Variance BL at-completion expense unit
Variance BL at-completion labour unit
Variance BL at-completion material unit
Variance BL at-completion non-labour unit
Variance BL at-completion total unit
Variance Fields – Durations
Variance BL original duration
Variance BL actual duration
Variance BL remaining duration
Variance BL free float
Variance BL total float
Variance Fields – Earned Value
Schedule variance (cost)
Primavera Gantt Viewer – Filters
User defined hierarchical filters – all fields (similar to native Primavera filters)
Primavera Gantt Viewer – Grouping
Activity code
Any combination of above
User defined hierarchical filters – all filters (similar to native Primavera filters)
Relationship viewer
Dashboard Creator
Fully customisable dashboard creator
Multiple chart data type overlay
Export dashboards to Excel worksheet
Chart data table export
Time Distributed Charts – General
Total cost
Material cost
Equipment cost
Labour cost
Expense cost
Cost items or groups
Time Distributed Charts – Units
Labour units
Equipment units
Labour resource histograms
Non labour resource histograms
Time Distributed Charts – Other
Tasks STARTING during period
Tasks FINISHING during period
Tasks IN PROGRESS during period
Task duration weighting
Schedule Density Charts
Original duration
Actual duration
Remaining duration
Total float
Free float
Number of predecessors per activity
Number of successors per activity