Features of XER Schedule Toolkit

Filter, view and analyse the project schedule in a format that the full project team can derive the most benefit from. From Project Directors to the troops on the ground, everyone involved with delivering projects can benefit from having XER Schedule Toolkit to hand.

Schedule Reader

  • XER Schedule Toolkit provides a dynamic schedule reader that can be used to communicate the project’s programme goals and objectives to the entire project team.  Combined with the Toolkit’s powerful share function, the toolkit ensures that everyone is always aligned to the latest version of the project schedule
  • The schedule viewer can be structured and filtered similarly to Primavera P6, including by WBS and Activity Codes and layouts can be set up by individual users or by project controllers and shared across the team

Schedule Quality

  • Our schedule quality tool allows you to set your own parameters, incorporate contract restrictions and check the programme compliance with a specific contract such as NEC3 
  • XER Schedule Toolkit produces a comprehensive output report, detailing all schedule deficiencies that can be used to analyse and where appropriate resolve problems

Programme Comparison

  • XER Schedule Toolkit provides a detailed comparison and trend report between multiple versions of a project schedule

  • The software produces a wide-ranging report detailing differences between dates, durations, logic, descriptions, resource assignments and even the activity code assignments

Progress Updates

  • Provide your work package managers with the capability to provide progress updates for the activities which they are responsible for delivering 
  • Following each progress update, you can simply load the latest version of the project into XER Schedule Toolkit and everyone is instantly aligned

Share Projects, Layouts and Dashboards

  • Set up various schedule layouts, filters & dashboard reports at the start of a project 
  • Create share groups for the whole team or personalised to a specific department or individual   
  • Use the ‘share’ feature to give everyone instant access to view and analyse the contemporary project schedule in a format that is relevant and useful for them

Earned Value Analysis

  • XER Schedule Toolkit incorporates drop down selections where you are able to select any combination of resources, cost accounts, or activities and in one click produce early and late curves combined with the underlying detailed earned value data

Dashboard Creator

  • Our powerful and dynamic dashboard creator provides project performance insight and analysis across all of your projects.

  • It’s easy to use and includes industry standard metrics.

  • Analyse single or multiple projects to gain instant project performance insights and detailed output reports.

  • Configure and save your dashboards.

Calendar Viewer

  • Getting calendar information out of Primavera P6 is cumbersome but XER Schedule Toolkit makes it easy by producing an excellent visual representation of working patterns that can be communicated with the team

Quick View Menu

  • The quick view menu provides intelligent access to project schedule information. With the click of a button you can view a summary schedule of your entire portfolio.
  • There are quick links for viewing project milestones, the critical path and also a “look-ahead” feature for time-slicing the project. You can even set up, save and select your own filters and layouts, all of which makes viewing the schedule infinitely more useful than trying to make sense of a 10 page PDF.

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