Our wide range of plans ensure that there is a package to cater for every need including freelance planners, small and medium enterprises, projects and large corporations.

Individual Licence Package

1x Admin Licence
4x Read only Licence



Bespoke Licence Packages

Bespoke no. of Admin Licences
Bespoke no. of Read only Licences



Branded Server Version

Company Logo and Branding
Bespoke no. of Licences



You can cancel your subscription at any time, following the initial payment. 

Each plan includes both Admin and Read Only licences, giving your full team access to the project schedule. 

Admin Licence

  • View project data & schedule
  • Import/ create/ update projects
  • Update progress requests
  • Create filters & layouts
  • Share projects
  • Perform earned value analysis
  • Review schedule quality
  • Access to desktop (excel based) version of XER Schedule Toolkit

Read Only Licence

  • View project data & schedule*
  • Update progress requests*
  • Create filters & layouts
  • Perform earned value analysis*
  • Review schedule quality*
  • Import/ create/ update projects
  • share projects
  • Access to desktop (excel based) version of XER Schedule Toolkit

*Associate licences can only view/ analyse projects that have been shared with them by an admin user.

For those only looking to use the Microsoft Excel version of XER Schedule Toolkit, you can download the software using the link below