What is XER Online Toolkit?

XER Online is a hosted solution that allows you and your team to access projects from your PC or tablet from anywhere in the world.

  • Plan, Schedule, and control projects - Import projects from Oracle Primavera P6 & MS Projects
  • Team Collaboration - Share projects and layouts within your team
  • Easy access – log in anywhere with internet connection
  • Individual or team licence options – scaled to suit your organisation
  • Secure - Backed by the power of Amazon Webservices

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So, what works best for you?

Individual Team Department Project Enterprise
No. Of Admin licenses 1 2 4 8 20
No. Of Associate licenses 4 8 16 32 100
Price per month £14.99 £28.99 £55.99 £104.99 £249.99
Licence cost per month £3.00 £2.90 £2.80 £2.62 £2.08
Price per year £149 £299 £599 £1,199 £2,699
Annual price plan saving £30.88 £48.88 £72.88 £60.88 £300.88
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Licence types

*Associate licences can only view/ analyse projects that have been shared with them by an admin user.

View project data & schedule Create/ Update projects Update Progress requests Create filters & layouts Share projects Perform earned value analysis Review schedule quality Access to desktop (Excel based) version of XER Toolkit
Admin Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Associate Yes* Yes* Yes Yes* Yes*

Planning for successful Project Delivery

  • From the same team as XER Toolkit (Est. 2011)
  • Import projects from Oracle Primavera P6 (XER & XML)
  • Import projects from MS Project (MPP)
  • Create project plans from scratch
  • Share projects and layouts with your team
  • Export all reports to Microsoft Excel

Schedule Quality Analysis

  • Analyse schedule deficiencies instantly
  • Pinpoint and fix problems
  • Export reports to MS Excel
  • Encourage successful project delivery
  • Analyse DCMA schedule quality checks and More!

Earned Value Analysis

  • Generate earned value charts and tables
  • Filter by activity and/ or resource
  • Export reports to MS Excel
  • Create custom report periods
  • Report using cost or units.

Distribute Schedules Using ‘Share Groups’

  • Define ‘Share Groups’ to provide targeted access.
  • Ensure everyone is aligned to the latest project update.
  • Option to share cost information
  • Share progress information with clients

Customise and share layouts

  • Fully customisable layouts
  • Develop custom layouts for ‘Share Groups’
  • Use filters to provide team with tailored access

Fast & Reliable, Cloud Based Performance

  • Powered by Amazon Web Services
  • Worldwide access to your projects
  • Secure, fast and reliable
  • Ask us about installation on your system

Centralised Licence Management

  • Assign licences directly to team members
  • Swap and change licence allocation as required
  • Instant update of project access settings

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